The Journeyman Restaurant Cornwall Padstow Wadebridge

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Our Restaurant's Philosophy and Values.....









Why We're Here

“To Provide Fine Authentic Indian, European, Thai, and Chinese Cuisine,
Great Wines and Beers and Excellent Unhurried Service
in the Beautiful Surroundings of our Mill Dining Room”.

Our Key Values....

Relaxation - Dining out should above all be a pleasurable and unhurried experience, therefore we only have a single sitting after 7pm tables are yours for the entire evening.  In order to disappoint as few customers as possible any table booked between 6pm and 6.45pm may need to be returned a minimum of 2 hours later during busy periods.

Knowledge & Integrity - Chef & Owner Steve Lloyd, who has travelled extensively in the Far East &  Europe, prepares and cooks each dish individually to order from only the finest authentic ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible. Spices for our curry masallas are freshly roasted, ground and blended in house, resulting in deliciously authentic dishes with a depth and subtlety of flavours which cannot be reproduced with commercially produced curry powders. We use no artificial colourings or flavour enhancers.

Catering for All Tastes - Unlike most restaurants we do not offer a separate limited vegetarian menu but instead are pleased to be able to cook most of the on the menu as vegetarian alternatives using either Quorn, Paneer (Indian Cheese), or simply with vegetables.  If you have any special dietary requirements or would like information about the ingredients of a particular dish chef is always happy to discuss this with you.

Flexibility -  We don’t believe in limiting choice – how often have you struggled to find something you like on a limited menu? You may mix and match ingredients or request dishes not on our menu, if we can cook it we happily will - and often do!

Individuality - We know it’s important to cook dishes exactly as you like them, so the spicy heat of most dishes can be adjusted up or down to suit your own preference and taste, we simply ask that you let us know when ordering. If you love curry but can’t take the heat ask chef about our zero spicy heat baltis!


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